Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slack Postings

Its been a busy weekend. Only done the one sketch of the crocodile from the princess and the frog though. Not that I've been slack, I've been busy learning Corel Painter. I sketched the caricature a few weeks ago and was working on painting it, the chicken is care of Ryan Wood. It's his painting in painter class that I am taking via and the santa painting is the finished product of a job I did for a christmas theme party next week. I did the sketch about two months ago and for the last week I have been using it as my first assignment for the painting in painter course. I kind of skipped his colouring process in order to get it to its final destination but I will knock it back to straight value for the remainder of the course. No hurry, it's self taught. The croc sketch is a sort of prelude to an idea that I am working on for the homework assignment for lesson 2. Will post more when I sketch more.

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