Monday, February 28, 2011

Pete Postlethwaite in living colour

Which is more than can be said for Pete himself sadly. I know that this is highly reminiscent of a particular star trek character but it's still funny. I might round those ears out a little though. Actually, now that I think about it, it's kind of reminiscent of two separate star trek characters from two different star trek shows.
But still funny.

Anna Paquin In Technicolour

I decided to throw in a couple of vampire teeth puncture wounds just to see if I could. I think that they may be a little understated though. I may have another crack at it, keep the bites as they are but exaggerate the throbbing veins underneath.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe... go back in the water.

Seriously, there are two ways to mess up a caricature. The first is not paying attention to where you are applying your values. One minute you're painting Angelina Jolie and then BAM! You've put a shadow in the wrong place and it looks like Stephen King on his way to a Def Leppard concert. The second way is to push a feature too far. As in this case. One minute you're having a chuckle and Anna Paquin's non existent dental work and then BAM! John Williams is on the blower talking about getting a bigger boat.
I'm probably going to keep this one monochromatic on the red background.
Just for funzies.
And to keep in line with the Great White Shark/Jaws theme.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

John Key Variations

Just a couple of variations on the same painting. Had to keep them pretty tame, the temptation to paint him into a much more debauched scene is almost overwhelming... Stay tuned.

Time to call it a night

This was the weaker of my two anna paquin sketches. I kind of liked some elements and I've managed to turn around worse sketches so I figured what the hell. Sadly this is just not working out. It is in fact a big giant load and I will discard it at my earliest convenience. The other is the colourized version of an earlier value painting of Steve "why do I appear to be in the desert" Swanson. The truth is I have no idea but that lone cactus in the background looks a bit sinister.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pete Postlethwaite

I love drawing.

Anna Paquin

For all of you true blood fans out there... Why? What is it about that show that engenders such loyalty and devotion? Is it the one dimensionality of the characters? Is it a plot that's so thin you could wrap a McDonalds hamburger in it? Somebody tell me please cos I'm at a loss.
I'm just waiting for the character cross over where the vampires from Twilight (I actually made it through a whole five minutes of that load of shit) face off against the vampires from true blood.
Good god, it'd be like a weekend at Ron Jeremy's swinger pad. All tupperware breasts, bad lighting and venereal disease.

Willie WIP

Yeah, I'm not so sure about this one at the moment. The structure was all good to start with but the painting seemed to loose a bit of the likeness. When I flipped it around I saw the problem instantly and fixed it and then flipped it back which is around the time I added in the background which as you can see is pretty much black. Well dark and light are relative terms, with the light grey background I had the values sorted out but when I added the darker background the values on Willie were waaaaay too light all over so I kind of have to go back through and get them all sorted out. Oh well, that is part of the fun I guess but I'm tired and I had to sit through Natalie Portman's latest visual nightmare The Black Swan and I'm just not feeling the painting at the moment. Seriously, if you have the chance to go and see the black swan, go see something else. I don't know why but there is this tendency amongst filmmakers lately to position the camera immediately behind the character so that you get to see 15 -20 seconds of the back of someone's head. Usually that happens in the early stages of the film because its still in setup and nothing's happening. When I see it I know I'm going to be in for a bumpy ride.
I think the best part about going to see the Black Swan was getting to sit through the previews so that I could see all the upcoming cinematic bowel movements that I wouldn't be wasting my time going to see. Top of that list. Sucker Punch.
It'll be a cold cold day in hell before I sit through that.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

John Key Almost finished

That's right folks, his political career is almost over. Hahahahahahaha. At least until we need another governor general or some future labour party leader (not likely with the lineup they've got at the moment) puts him in charge of a recently purchased state owned enterprise that HE sold off in order to give primary school teachers a 3% pay increase. Yes, politicians never die, they just move on to the UN right Helen?
But I digress.
What I was actually referring to was the fact that I've almost finished this painting. Don't really know how I got onto the whole state owned thing. I've been listening to Bill Hicks for the last couple days.
Anyhow, this is the almost finished painting and the sketch I started with. Not really a lot of similarity between the two right? Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. I was quite shocked when I flipped the image and was confronted with all the blatant mistakes. Interesting how your eyes don't see it when you've been looking at it for awhile.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My all time hero

What a great day. Warm weather, frequent cups of tea, good book to read, the cat's asleep on my foot, I'm cooking stir fry for dinner, the rats in the ceiling have finally succumbed to the poison I laid out especially for them (and it's not even christmas, can't say I'm not a giver) and I just talked to my dad on the phone in Christchurch. Turns out that he and his neighbours are still without power and water but one of the neighbours has a spring in the back yard and a bunch of them have BBQ's which are being put to good use. I have been reading the reports from the news websites and those always conjure up images of misery and horror with a focus on the misery and horror, even when the news is good they manage to put a spin on it that emphasizes the misery and horror.
Good to know that even with all that going on people can still BBQ.
So yeah I was thinking about going down there to help out but the truth is there is little I could do except put further strain on the infrastructure. That being said I see that there are a bunch of places that are taking donations for the earthquake rebuild and so on and so forth. I will be putting a ridiculous price tag on this painting and then donating the proceeds to the earthquake appeal. I wonder if John Key would buy it? I've seen Murray Webb's caricatures in the office of the Auditor General so you never know. He does seem to like having his picture taken.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama value final

As part of my own personal big wednesday I have completed the black and white version of my Obama caricature.

Willie Nelson

This is part of my Mammoth Wednesday List of Things Do!
The First part to be specific. Good ol' Willie Nelson. The texture on that guys face is just something else. So it's mostly a sketch with a little bit of value added because I was enjoying it so much.

Obama continued

Haven't done a great deal of work today. Kind of a little all over the place at the moment. Going to call it a night early and then get cracking on this again tomorrow. I may do a sketch or two before bed but this is the big push for today.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Just a couple of quick sketches before hitting the hay. Well, actually one sketch and a later modified save of the same sketch. Still, it's two images so it counts. Kind of, neither of them has really nailed a likeness. Something's off that I can't put my finger on. That's ok, I'll try again later. Every step forward etcetera etcetera.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Camel Toast

At around one in the morning I decided to go to bed and I thought that I would do a quick sketch of something before hitting the hay. As it turns out, that something was this camel. Camel leads to camel toe. Late night drowsiness leads to a mispronunciation and so we come to the worlds funniest breakfast food as illustrated in the sketch page.
I then decided that it would be a good learning experience to model said average visual gag in blender. I awoke a little after eight am and began work. Thirteen hours later I have the finished product.
The joke has been somewhat lost. Probably around the seven hour mark when I was laying out the UV's for the third and last slice of bread.
Maybe I'll find it funny again in a few days.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Steve Value

It amazes me what can be done when you don't have the threat of a job hanging over your head. That endless parade of idiocy know commonly as middle management. The bowing and scraping and toadying. The travel back and forth, the endless grooming and let's not forget the fear and self hatred.
I've done more quality work in the last two days than in the last month.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stylized Skull

A quick Blender Cookie tutorial pretty much followed to the letter. Basically just learning some new and interesting modeling techniques. I added the flaming eyeball in painter. Gotta love that glow brush.

Steve Swanson

The swinginest man on the face of the earth.

Character sketches

Started work this morning on a short film. I have a script that I'm really happy with and these are just a visual exploration of some character designs using primitive shapes. Out of these only the guy with the flip top head is worth pursuing. I think I want this character to look a little goofy, just not lobotomized. Still, good to get some ideas onto the page.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another 'trane sketch

Just a quick sketch before bed. Kind of happily surprised at how this one turned out to be honest. I wasn't thrilled with the reference photo, odd angle reference not being my forte at all so I approached it rough as guts and was really happy with how it all came together. looking forward to the weekend so I can pick one of these to paint. might even break out some coltrane cd's for old times sake.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been busy

Sadly it's not been drawing. Between work and traveling to work and hating work I have very little time or energy left to suddenly break into creative mode and go to town every evening. I do try and get some sort of sketching in but more often than not it is usually just primitive shapes and simple things to just basically keep my hand moving. Also I have been working really hard on getting my blender skills up to scratch and so doing tutorials and experimenting in blender is taking up the majority of my creative time. The good news is that I am getting much more used to the blender interface. So hooray for blender, boo for sketching.
These are two things I've done today. The sketch is john coltrane. Very quick. The bass is a model I'm making in blender for an illustration which is in and of itself a test. If it works out then portfolio piece. If not, then I've learnt lots of cool things for my next attempt at a portfolio piece.
Seriously though, this whole thing would work out a lot faster if I didn't have to spend so much time at work.
Jobs suck. Don't ever get one.