Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My all time hero

What a great day. Warm weather, frequent cups of tea, good book to read, the cat's asleep on my foot, I'm cooking stir fry for dinner, the rats in the ceiling have finally succumbed to the poison I laid out especially for them (and it's not even christmas, can't say I'm not a giver) and I just talked to my dad on the phone in Christchurch. Turns out that he and his neighbours are still without power and water but one of the neighbours has a spring in the back yard and a bunch of them have BBQ's which are being put to good use. I have been reading the reports from the news websites and those always conjure up images of misery and horror with a focus on the misery and horror, even when the news is good they manage to put a spin on it that emphasizes the misery and horror.
Good to know that even with all that going on people can still BBQ.
So yeah I was thinking about going down there to help out but the truth is there is little I could do except put further strain on the infrastructure. That being said I see that there are a bunch of places that are taking donations for the earthquake rebuild and so on and so forth. I will be putting a ridiculous price tag on this painting and then donating the proceeds to the earthquake appeal. I wonder if John Key would buy it? I've seen Murray Webb's caricatures in the office of the Auditor General so you never know. He does seem to like having his picture taken.

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