Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been busy

Sadly it's not been drawing. Between work and traveling to work and hating work I have very little time or energy left to suddenly break into creative mode and go to town every evening. I do try and get some sort of sketching in but more often than not it is usually just primitive shapes and simple things to just basically keep my hand moving. Also I have been working really hard on getting my blender skills up to scratch and so doing tutorials and experimenting in blender is taking up the majority of my creative time. The good news is that I am getting much more used to the blender interface. So hooray for blender, boo for sketching.
These are two things I've done today. The sketch is john coltrane. Very quick. The bass is a model I'm making in blender for an illustration which is in and of itself a test. If it works out then portfolio piece. If not, then I've learnt lots of cool things for my next attempt at a portfolio piece.
Seriously though, this whole thing would work out a lot faster if I didn't have to spend so much time at work.
Jobs suck. Don't ever get one.

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