Friday, April 8, 2011


A while back someone told me that painting batman was an experience not to be missed and everyone should do it at least once. So I decided to go back to the batman of my impressionable youth, the Michael Keaton incarnation. I wanted to do some research so I hired out Batman Returns. I only vaguely remember it so I figured it would be a bit of cinematic entertainment while I eat my dinner as well. It wasn't. That film was dreadful. The characters were dreadful. The story was dreadful. It had Christopher Walken in it. There was only one redeeming feature about the whole experience and it's right at the beginning when they first shine the bat signal into the sky which, through a series of carefully placed mirrors which swivel of their own accord, shines the bat signal into the library of Bruce Wayne, interrupting his own dinner.
At that point he leaps bodily from his chair and looks, with purpose, in the direction of... Somewhere and it's magnificent. The camera is below him, pointing right up his nostrils and emblazoned on the wall behind him is the silhouette of the bat signal.
It just sets up the near constant barrage of bullshit cheese that makes up the whole fucking movie. And its scored by Danny Elfman so on top of everything else, it sounds like an evening at the circus. Actually it sounds like an evening at the circus when the elephant has had a guts full and decided to make a break for it straight through the audience, stopping briefly to scrape its latest trainer off of the sole of its foot and then continue on through rush hour traffic.
But I digress.

This is an attempt to illustrate that glorious moment when Michael Keaton's hairdo takes centre stage. It is a completely failed attempt and looks like a freshly scraped elephant trainer I know but it's an interesting angle of his head and I have every intention of keeping at it until I get it right.
He looks fairly distinctive in his batman costume, I might have a go at that later as well.

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