Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pinhead and puppy

So Pinhead's pretty much finished. At least his head is. I actually had this at a further stage. In this image the nails have only been gone over with the highlight once and there are no shadows from the nails at all. Earlier this afternoon I did another pass over the nails and then added in the shadows. To be honest it didn't add a lot to the image but it if you look for those sorts of things then you'd notice. Sadly, for some reason, I closed the file and it didn't save or I didn't save it. Which is unusual because if you make any changes at all such as turning on or off a layer it offers you a prompt asking if you want to save the changes. Whatever happened, I didn't save and lost the changes and I'm going to go stick my head in the freezer for a little for being such a fuckup.
Fortunately I have only lost a smidgen of work but I'm too tired to go through and redo it all now. Perhaps later.
Also this is a nicer rendering of the puppy idea and a small close up of the puppy. I sketched the puppy and then started to block in the values when I decided to make the eyes comically large. I did this using the liquefy tool which I often don't use as I feel its a good way to get lazy. But again, I'm pretty tired and I know that I can draw in the eye but I really wanted to see what it would look like with huge eyes and I wanted to see it quickly.

Ta daa! Although, now that I'm looking at it, they could still be bigger. Like huge saucer sized eyes
that take up most of his head.

 For anyone who doesn't know, this is Gary Vay ner chuck. He does a regular online wine tasting on it used to be wine library tv but he evolved the format I think because he enjoyed it so much. Anyhow, he also wrote a couple of books. I haven't read the new one but the first one was called Crush It and was all about doing what you love and building it into something that you can do all the time. I really enjoyed it and his wine tastings are pretty funny as well, even if you don't drink wine. I'm quite happy with how this one's coming out. I want to start pushing my stuff so that its got a bigger focus on cartoony and funny rather than hyper realistic. All this endless fucking detail gets boring as hell. Seriously, if I'm going to render things out to that huge a degree then I may as well just start photo manipulation.
Maybe not, too many people going that way already.

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