Monday, March 21, 2011

P!nk No!se

So I got myself a gnarly little space on the Pink Noise art website. It's pretty cool, relaxing, quiet, the neighbours keep to themselves, there's a dog somewhere close by which barks incessantly but I've rigged up a device that shoots him with rabid cats if he barks more than once in a three second interval. I doubt that this will stop the barking in the short term but few people have rabies because its so lethal and that ought to do the trick.
I'm all about taking the long view.
But yeah, there's an art listing through which you can display work and also there's a magazine. I have no idea of the frequency this magazine gets issued or what but I was a painting with the intention of submitting it for publication when I got the idea to draw pink and pretend like it was an album cover. With the album being called noise.
Pink Noise.
Ta daaaa!!! My endless streak of lame gags continues unabated.  That means "without any reduction in intensity or strength." I know this cos I looked it up. 
Also I sold all of the prints that I did up for the earthquake appeal! Well, not all of them yet. For some reason people decided to bid on a print that had a $30 buy now. In fact two people decided to do that. So now I have two auctions that should have sold for $30 both going for more than $30. Oh and the last of the prints. Number 50 of 50. I put that one at a one dollar reserve thinking that it might get a few dollars more because it's the last one. Well that's up to $30 as well. All the rest have sold. Hooray!!

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